Somewhere, somehow a writer who has taken a Sabbatical and an extended one at that has to start writing again.

Reasons are endless and flooded with denials.

“When it’s spring, I’ll start writing.” ¬†“In Autumn, I would definitely sit by the window and type away.” “It’ll be better to start during summer.” “It’s perfect to just stay inside in the winter and write.”

Yet, seasons come and go and still, very still.

But, these past few months of this mild, windy and wet winter, beguiling images and situations have been popping up, like the golden daffodils sprouting now along the islands on the highways, to shake free the knotted dangling ideas out of my obstinate mind.

Then, thanks heaven, my mind subdued and my heart  opened to do what I love most.

And, lo and behold, I AM here!

To express myself. For the worth of a writer is to narrate into words and phrases a story that readers can understand and relate to.

If by expressing my opinion, it can inform at the least, better yet can clarify and at best can produce a smile and inspire then this won’t be a futile attempt after all.

I AM welcoming me, hurray to me!