Gone Fishing

557309_466722846685719_99717014_nLast night I dreamt of a golden Buddha.  A laughing and dancing golden Buddha. I would not even attempt to over-analyze it or be bothered by its hidden meaning so to speak. What I know is that it gave me a joyful feeling.

I hardly had dreams. Meaning…I am always in deep sleep. Yes, that I know for sure, because it was said that restless minds dream a lot.

There was this one dream when I was in my 20’s that I was flying. A feeling of being above and soaring. “You will fly because you will go abroad”, that was my father’s interpretation.  He did nail it.

Six months ago, there was this dream that is still baffling me up to to now.

That night I went to bed exhausted, physically and mentally. I had a good long hot bath, did an inhale-exhale exercise  and ended it with a short meditation. But still, fatigue won over and I was awfully restless in sleep.

What seemed like a nightmare at first turned to a stand still and a  soothing calmness embraced me. I was floating not in water but on air…WOW…I was levitating! I looked down and I can see myself above my bed and pillow about a meter or so. Am I dreaming or is it really happening?” I remember asking myself during that state. When I woke up I felt relaxed and strong. Gone are the aching muscles and tensed nerves. This dream did not feel like a dream at all!

Going back to my “Buddha” dream last night, it does seem a very insightful dream. But, I’d rather have dreamless state of sleep every night. Nothing beats a good sleep.

Yes, a good long sleep, which could become short now that I’m doing some writing again. And more writing has to be done. Something’s got to give, eh?

An idealistic setting for a writer’s house would be a bungalow on top of a cliff to have an over-looking view for dramatic effect. Since I’m not into drama and always been a fisherman at heart, my dream house would be a shack by the lake.

Fishing is a happy, lazy sport. It doesn’t require much effort, only patience. You have water, greens, a duck every now and then.  If a fish likes you, you have a catch. That’s the moment the thrill starts when the fishes  are charmed and mouthing the bait. (The bait is another topic) With nature all for the taking and cooperating inspiration appears, and the writing begins.

If you came looking for me and see a “Gone Fishing” note look closely on the arrow, you might decipher the title of  my next story.