Unavoidingly Familiar

Red geraniums on the window sill always remind me of the first Og Mandino book that I’ve read: The Greatest Salesman In The World.

We are at the breaking-away season. Fall, is what I’d like to call its early stage. When all the leaves are browning on the branches of trees and gracefully flying and whirling all around.  And Autumn, when those gold and orange crispy leaves have settled down and  carpeted the grounds.

Lovely weather we’ve been having this September. Cool, windy and bright as summer. Having sensitive eyes, I have to protect them from the sun’s glare and harsh wind with sunglasses.

But at 6:30 in the evening last Tuesday, September 27 the sun was at its luminous stage and setting. I can even stare at it without hurting or blinking my eyes.

That’s why, as I looked out from the window of the tram and saw these two  men about to cross the street both wearing “very dark” and obviously expensive sunglasses, it had seemed quite odd to me. There was a woman with them but not with sunglasses.

It was an intersection. I was seated on the left side of the vehicle and we were on  STOP letting the vehicles on the right to pass.

These two men that had caught my eye with their sunglasses look totally familiar suddenly.  Two names immediately came to mind.  They had stopped walking too while waiting to cross. The younger man on the left has a slight build, erect posture, clean trendy hair cut wearing a black bomber jacket, black jeans, shirt and shoes and carrying a black canvass bag with a colorful printed logo but worn reversed. Who had been  all this time gesturing his left hand and talking to the older man.

As for the older man he is in his late 50’s, short, lanky, sporting a shoulder-length loose hardly-combed bottle-colored black hair wearing an all black ensemble. He was holding hands with a  younger (late ’20’s) attractive Asian woman who could either be Korean or Japanese. ( I’m betting on the former) She was wearing a typical fashion for the season, a beige outfit.

This appraisal happened in less than a minute. I have seen how they walk, their front sides. As they cross to the right, I followed them with my gaze and had to extend my neck to do so.  I was embarrassed to stand because my seat mate was busy with his mobile. Right profiles, checked. And as they turned, back sides noted.

Are they  really the personalities I am thinking about? I asked myself.

If they were not them, why would they be wearing those “very dark” sunglasses in an  about to get dark surroundings. Because they could be spotted?

We are in a European city, we can also behave. And why not sprinkle us with some of your sparkles?

This incident was kind of surreal but on the other hand it’s also a confirmation that we can easily identify people even if we just know them through the media be it movies, TV, newspaper and of course the internet. Even if they were wearing sunglasses and out of their country of origin.

All because of familiarity.

I did not seek them. They were just there, being unavoidingly familiar.



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