Each and Every Moment


The Jewish people celebrate their holidays on the evenings before the actual event. Like the Shabbat that starts on Friday nights.

Having a Jewish best friend (who is also like a sister, an aunt and a mother) I get her pampered attention the night before my birthday which helps me to prepare myself to the grand event.

A grand event in the sense of being given another “GO” to celebrate love and life.

Always been low-key in everything. Never seeking fame, fortune nor fanfare. A simple dinner with my family and closest friends suits me fine.

What I appreciate more on the actual day of my birth is how ecstatic I am that I have already reached this “certain age” when in actuality I still feel like – don’t laugh now,  a 17 year old, which is  a very practical age, not too young but not yet mature.

Ecstatic that, it opens up my mind to aspirations like: to be and let be, to accept everything as is, to enlighten spirituality,  to restore balance, to embrace humanity, to pamper nature, to showcase art and music, and of course, as I said earlier  to celebrate love and life in each and every moment.

That, I could in all respect not only aspire but sincerely practice and diligently do all these and apply them in my life.

Each bright new day to utter a prayer,  to phrases like “of course” and “yes, that is great.” To hum a tune, offer a seat, give flowers, look up to the sky, say thank you or smile just smile. And with all of these, I pray;

For the divine reason that I am still here, I am very grateful and humbled.

Thank you, for another happy birthday.