Sunshiny Smile :)


Winter. Ok, the weather is awful.

But, don’t let the shivers get in the way. Have your coffee and get into your layered clothing and chunky jackets with bonnet, scarf, gloves and wooly boots. Then before going out of the door, brace yourself and …do your sunshiny smile. No way? No chance at all?

Ok, it’s winter that’s an acceptable reaction.

Spring. Great, the weather is better!

Buds are shooting out and days are brighter. But, still the long, knotted face?  It’s windy?  Hard on your eyes and hair, biking or walking is torture, you say! Look at the daffodils and the narcissus, how lovely ! Please smile for smile’s sake! Maybe, an almost smile? A tentative spring-y smile ?

Waiting for summer? It’s almost here! Will you smile by then?

Weather changes are  just shallow excuses that can bring one down. Hidden reasons like family problems, relationship goals, financial obligations, school requirements, work crisis, health issues and life in general are the much profound weight that tied the long, knotted face.

Avoid asking “How”.  Learned that from my father. You look and observe. Learn and  experience it. But he did not warn me about the question “Why” because knowing him he would laughingly answers, “Why not”?

Why wait for summer? Or autumn for that matter.

It’s been said, written, sung and shared a millionth time how smiling can be beneficial to everybody.

Yes, you too!

Why not smile, starting now. In spite of all your sticky situations, aspire for smile goals. Delete that long knotted face. Do your sunshiny smile.

And again, why not?


Hey Sun, it’s time to wake up! Rise & shine!