Yes, it’s handy and cool.  Sleek. Techie. Very in.

But unlike, holding an honest-to-goodness book be it borrowed, second-hand or new there is a certain sense of tenderness and charisma while turning its pages.

Those leaves of paper that when crisp and new could leave cuts on the fingers or tear and disintegrate when yellow and faded. Be it dog-eared, lined, clipped, filled with sticky notes or the normal paper marker for markings, there is that sensual attachment when holding a book.

Toss that  unfathomable hard cover. Embrace the most favorite one. Go sleepless with that  page-turner of a best seller. Adore all of them organized on the shelves or scattered on the floor.

They are permanent fixtures in my sphere.  By the table, by the bed, in the bathroom. My bag is empty without one.

Reading a book is a very personal ritual. Like taking showers, I consider it both a necessity and a luxury. ==<==<@



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