Color Full

Hip-hopping in the background was Kanye West. This  narrow but elongated sneakers store was quite buzzing when I came in even at lunch time. This was the fourth store. My shopping interest was to get hold of “the trendy white sneakers”  gleamingly worn with pride by every feet I get to bumped into these days.

The first three did not have them in my size.

Comfortable in my casual basic look most of the time, I even shy-away from the trends. But, updating every now and then suits me fine. And that “white classic sneakers with the black stripes” would be it, this time. If I can get hold of them!

An early 20’s rock & roller black guy started to approach me as I was about to pick up the display model of what I was targeting. As he came closer and flashed his kind’a Bruno Mars’ smile I flashed back my own kind’a hello smile.

“Sorry, Ma’m but we only have that model from sizes 40-42. It’s going like crazy being the most popular and sold out shoes this year.” Heard that fourth time now, I told myself.

He said sorry again when he saw how I contorted my face and bit my lips inward. I just have to give up then. And my tummy was starting to growl from hunger and frustration.

“But, we have them in two other models. Here, take a look this one in all white and the other in all black. would you like to try them, Ma’m?” I lightened up and nodded.

As he was taking the white sneakers out of the box, I asked him if it was okay that I’ll try  the two colors at the same time.

So, I put on the white on my right foot and the black on the left. Turning sideways, forward and back  while glaring at the mirror it dawned on me that the one with the black stripes would make me feel really “into the trend” while the plain white would be more laid-back. Well, that is my fashion sense. The black was also a safe choice. But to update, I must.

Still wearing his Bruno Mars’ kind’a smile, “So, what do you think, Ma’m?”

I threw back at him the same question and added, which is better black or white?

This time the only customers left was me and another guy. The other two sales assistants were watching us. Kanye West was on his third spiel.

“Well, I think the white is better.”

At the instance that he said that, even Kanye had to breathe.

Our eyes locked. I flashed my “you are a wonderful person” kind’a smile. He did his Bruno Mars’ and the other two sales assistants heard it too and saw both our smiles and the four of us started guffawing at the remark. The guy customer and his sales assistant got into the circle, too.

We high-fived three times, while were holding our middles. That moment was pure understanding. No discrimination, nor political or social implications.

We guffawed at the question and at the answer. Wit and humor won. Laughter or in this case, guffawing was the best equalizer. And Kanye? Well, for a lunch gig, he did a great number.

No shots were clicked. No recordings pressed. We were too busy guffawing.

It just had to be written. ==<==<@










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